yoUBe: a beauty-fully simple and functional system

yoUBe is a start-up born from the desire of Daniela Maffoni, CEO and founder of the brand, to create a line of skincare products that is both simple and complete, that can satisfy all the needs of women who want to take care of their skin, by rediscovering the value of beauty enclosed in an intimate and precious gesture. 

The name yoUBe underlines the importance of ‘being’ and being aware of oneself and one's desires, it encourages the search for awareness and self-confidence, powerful allies of functional beauty and the uniqueness of each individual, beyond the idea of time, space and gender.  

As part of a market full of brands and cosmetic products, yoUBe presents itself as a brand that focuses on simplicityand essentiality through a range that covers every step of a skincare routine with Italian products that are made applying innovative and certified manufacturing processes, thanks to the use of natural active ingredientscarefully selected to guarantee total efficiency. A practical, transparent and clear communication, a no-frills line of products that offers nothing more than what you really need.

A new concept of beauty starting from naming products

The new look of yoUBe can be found not only in the design of the packaging, the look of the new website and social pages, but also in the choice of the names of products. A dimension that takes us into our identity as the yoUBe universe. An innovative and fresh language, with a strong meaning, which associates terms linked to the cosmosand inner self, high and deep dimensions, with the function and efficiency of our products.  An inspirational language that brings a touch of magic to a range that stands out for being essential and without frills. To cherish that daily but precious moment dedicated to ourselves, caring for our skin through the use of effective products.

yoUBe currently has 8 references divided into 3 product lines

  • smart cleansing;
  • anti-age treatment;
  • special treatments.

Starting with cleansing, the first and indispensable moment dedicated to the well-being of our skin, we plunge into the yoUBe universe: from GIOIA INFINITA to VITA FORTE, from VIA LACTEA to A+MORE. A burst of enthusiasm, energy, emotion and love for one's own beauty to make our skin radiant, firm, hydrated and protected. 

Magic is not limited to cleansing only, but it expands to the anti-ageing treatment line with certified products whose hydrating, anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing effectiveness has been clinically tested. A careful selection of ingredients and active substances. Recyclable and eco-sustainable materials are carefully selected for both primary (fully recyclable glass and plastic) and secondary (FSC certified paper) packaging. Efficacy that is visible from the very first applications. All these features make mia brama, d’incanto and l’assoluta unique. A plumping, firming and revitalising effect to combat wrinkles and skin ageing by pampering your facial skin with a daily gesture that will help you rediscover the pure essence of your skin.

Inner self finds its ultimate expression in the range of special treatments with AnimA: a combo of 2 complementary products that efficiently protect and repair to prevent and combat premature skin ageing. AnimA will meet your skin's needs while protecting the most delicate side of you. 

A comprehensive wellness concept

yoUBe is a controlled, certified and sustainable cosmetics system, and the values behind the brand, which drive the ambitious vision of its foundress, are strong and authentic. Offering products characterised by winning formulaswith high-performance active ingredients combined with modern processing methods is a must for yoUBe. 

One of the goals of our brand is also to offer products characterised by a quality-price ratio that is competitive on the market in order to dispel the myth of quality cosmetics being a luxury reserved only for a few. Therefore, we offer effective treatments with natural and refined ingredients that are an affordable treat for everyone. 

Finally, essentiality and simplicity are yoUBe's distinctive characteristics that make it stand out in the dermocosmetics market: a limited number of products that comprehensively satisfy the main needs of our skin, nothing more than what is needed, 100% Made in Italy!

yoUBe is not just a brand of skincare products. In fact, in the brand's philosophy there is a strong appeal to well-being that is not limited to taking care of one's skin, but that encompasses several aspects of an individual, on both an external and (above all) internal level. All yoUBe's events, partnerships and new launches will follow precisely this governing principle: being a brand that promotes an idea of global wellness.

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