Smart facial cleansing: the first step to taking care of your skin

The beauty of your skin starts with facial cleansing. No, cleansing your face does not just involve rinsing your face with tap water in the morning or using hand soap, and no, removing make-up before going to bed is not enough! Thorough facial cleansing involves several steps, each of which has its own importance and deserves proper attention. 

Functions and benefits of facial cleansing

Skin experts, either dermatologists or facialists, emphasise how crucial it is to cleanse your face properly and thoroughly. And there are several reasons for this. Apart from the need to cleanse the face as a matter of personal hygiene, this first step in the beauty routine has several functions: 

  • First of all, cleansing your face daily helps to avoid the formation of blackheads and blemishes, especially you have a mixed or oily skin type;
  • It also helps to oxygenate the skin and frees it of all unnecessary elements such as polluting particles and dead cells that accumulate and may limit the absorption and efficiency of the products applied in the subsequent steps of a beauty routine;
  • Proper face cleansing promotes cell turnover and helps keep the skin tone unchanged, resulting in firmer, more elastic, and healthier-looking skin. 

How often should you wash your face?

Careful cleansing in the morning and evening helps to keep our skin clean, fresh and radiant. In fact, it is not enough to wash your face first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up, you have to repeat this step at night before going to bed. Washing your face both morning and night are equally important, but even if these steps are similar, they have different functions. Let's find them out together.

Morning cleanse

Cleansing facial skin in the morning serves to 'wake up' the skin- it's like a good cup of coffee-, as it removes excess sebumresidues of your night cream (applied the night before) and dead cells. In particular, eliminating dead cells helps to reduce the thickness of the horny layer- the most superficial layer of the skin made up of dead cells- and allows the skin to more effectively receive the cosmetics that will be applied afterwards. That is why a good morning facial cleanse helps the treatments in our beauty routine to be even more effective.

Evening cleanse

The evening cleanse, although it is often considered unimportant, plays a key role in the well-being of our skin. Before the day ends, in fact, it is essential to remove make-up and polluting particles that have accumulated during the day. 

Even if you do not have any make-up left on your face, you must be careful to wash it, as polluting particles and traces of sweat also tend to clog skin pores, thus contributing to inflammation, causing the appearance of pimples and blackheads, and accelerating skin ageing.

The 3 (+1) steps of yoUBe cleansing

Always keep in mind that proper facial cleansing is not just a single step using a single product, but that it consists of a series of steps, each one with a function of its own, and all equally important. Let's take a look at the basic cleansing steps and which yoUBe products are suitable for each one.

1) Remove make-up: first and foremost, especially during evening cleansing, make-up must be removed from your face. Make-up residues, in fact, hinder correct oxygenation and the skin cannot regenerate properly during the night. VITA FORT3, the yoUBe micellar water, is a 3-in-1 product that removes make-up and impurities through deep cleansing, and provides hydration and protection while respecting the skin.

2) Cleanse: the second step is to cleanse our face to remove residues of pollution and smog, sebum and dead cells. VIA LACTEA, the yoUBe cleansing milk, is a product with a delicate texture that leaves the skin with a clean, hydrated and comfortable sensation.

3) Tone: the third daily step is to apply a tonic on clean skin to complete the facial cleansing process and to keep the skin hydrated, soft and firm. GIOIA INFINITA, the yoUBe tonic, will perform all these actions to the full, promote cellular turnover, unclog pores and increase skin receptiveness.

3+) Exfoliate: after daily cleansing, remember to exfoliate your skin once a week. Exfoliation is suitable for all skin types, not just impure ones. Moreover, after you turn 40, cellular turnover starts to slow down, making the skin duller and less compact. The illuminating and regenerating effect of exfoliation therefore becomes essential. A+MORE, the yoUBe scrub, will be your ally to get rid of all superfluous elements in the skin with a deep yet gentle exfoliation.

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