The yoUBe cosmetics line is aware of and takes responsibility for the impact cosmetic products may have on the environment.

For this reason, the project has been designed following a criterion of ECO SUSTAINABILITY in terms of both the precious ingredients of natural origin and thepackaging.



The primary packaging materials selected arefully recyclable glass and decomposable plastic.

Glass bottles that use airless technology feature a state-of-the-art system of product withdrawal through an internal bag that is extracted when the product is consumed. This new patented technology called TAG-SYSTEM allows the disposal for recycling of materials without dispersion and contamination.

In addition, the airless system ensuresmaximum product protection, , as the inner bag reduces in size as the product is dispensed. This ensures that there is no exposure to air and to the contaminants it contains. In addition, the product is taken from the spout and the contents do not come into contact with fingers.

The dispensing of the nominal content is total without product loss.  

The boxes are made of FSC certified paper .  

FSC certification specific for the forestry sector and the processing of wood and non-wood products derived from forests.It ensures that the FSC-labelled product comes from a forest and supply chain managed responsibly.FSC certificates may only be issued by FSC-accredited certification bodies. Accredited Bodies are responsible for the controls conducted in the forest and on the farm to verify that the requirements defined by the FSC standards are fully respected.


All Marketing and Communication materials are digital, avoiding the consumption of printed paper.