Digital pollution: how to protect your skin from blue light damage

Nowadays, we are all familiar with the factors that contribute to premature skin ageing- ranging from an unhealthy diet to smog, from stress to smoking and alcohol abuse to excessive exposure to sunlight. In an increasingly digitised world, however, another factor has emerged that negatively affects the appearance and health of our skin: blue light.

Blue light and its effects on the skin

Also known as High Energy Visible or HEV light, it is the light that digital devices such as smartphones, PCs, tablets and TVs emit. This is a relatively recent problem that has become especially topical in the last few years, when restrictions due to the pandemic and an increasingly social life have increased the time we spend in front of screens. 

Prolonged exposure to blue light can disrupt our internal clock, among other harmful effects. This negatively affects not only our mental and physical health but also our skin, indirectly. Blue light, in fact, contributes to speed up the skin's ageing processes by promoting the production of free radicals. 

One of the most significant consequences is not so much the intensity or wavelength of this light, but the fact that we are not yet particularly well informed about this issue. We tend to underplay its importance and do not take such precautions as switching off devices during night

Skin goes through the all-important repairing process during night, fighting free radicals by increasing the production of collagen and elastin. This is why sleep is considered the main ally of beauty.

Dermocosmetics as an ally against the effects of blue light on the skin

There are several measures that can be taken to reduce the damage blue light causes, such as keeping the screen of digital devices as far away from your face as possible, turning down the brightness level as soon as possible, and taking plenty of antioxidants, through proper nutrition and supplements, especially those containing Vitamins D and E

As far as the skin is concerned, there is a connection between exposure to blue light and the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots on facial skin. Blue light can penetrate as deep down as our dermis and affect collagen and elastin, cause oxidative stress to cellular structures, and adversely affect the skin's protective functions, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, skin sagging and hyperpigmentation.

Blue light is therefore a factor that significantly accelerates skin ageing. That is why it is essential to protect not only the eyes but also the skin during the time you are in front of a computer or smartphone. Moreover, blue light is one of the causes linked to skin hyperpigmentation processes, especially in dark skin types.

For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly essential to learn how to protect oneself against blue light by introducing targeted treatments into one's beauty routine, in order to take care of it just as we do during sun exposure. In the last few years and in order to meet this need, the world of dermocosmetics has moved towards creating beauty products with specific filters to protect skin against the effects of digital pollution. 

AnimA: your skin's ally against blue light

yoUBe is very attentive to what the skin of 21st century women needs, and immersed in an increasingly digital and social lifestyle, yoUBe is aware of the need to protecting ourselves against not only UV rays and smog but also digital pollution.

That is why AnimA was conceived: this day and night treatment, a 2-in-1 treatment, was created to defend skin against external agents, chronological ageing, and ageing caused by sun rays, including damage by the blue light emitted by digital devices. AnimA has been designed to strengthen the skin's barriers and defence systems by hydrating, oxygenating and revitalising it. Its soft, enveloping texture will pamper your skin, giving it an immediate sensation of comfort.

This is why AnimA will become a must in your skincare routine: 

  • Defence SPF 50 is a light and fluid emulsion that is quickly absorbed. Apply it every morning on face and neck and it guarantees total protection against photoageing and other environmental aggressions, such as free radicals, ozone, pollution, infrared rays, micro-dust, and blue light. Thanks to vegetable trehalose, it slows down the ageing process, keeps hydration constant, and protects skin against the most common pollutants.
  • Repair Serum is the main ally for protecting your skin against photoageing by acting during night-time, thanks to its repairing and regenerating action. Chicory extract is useful for stimulating collagen production, it improves skin appearance by regenerating it and keeping it elastic. Japanese mugwort counteracts the oxidation process caused by UV, UVA, IR and blue light, improves the evenness of the complexion as well as skin radiance, counteracts photoageing, and acts deeply on imperfections and heterogeneity.

Protection against:

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