Discover a different vision of Beauty

An exclusive event took place on Friday 3 September: the presentation of the new yoUBe #privateskin brand and the launch of the first 3 products of the new Premium Skincare Anti- Age.

With a focus dedicated to Quality and Eco-sustainability, we will create products with high performance certified by efficacy tests, using first choice ingredients and latest generation eco-friendly packaging.

A project born from the dream of Daniela Maffoni to offer women a new way to experience their body in a private way, to experience their own #privateskin .

The products will be sold online through the new dedicated store that had the Go Live during the event.

Francesca Ferragni, has been chosen as an influencer to tell the concept of the brand and the products, she will contribute to spreading and testing the values ​​of the new brand yoUBe.