About us

We «start» and we are «up», uniquely and proudly yoUBe.

Always starting from ourselves, we create a universe of elective cosmetics that is highly effective and full of strength.

As lovers of the extraordinary, daring to innovate, we cross the threshold of scientific research to combine it with the original power of Nature.

Generate a beauty-fully, simple and functional system.

A great challenge guides our actions, we take our foundress, her experience and her ambitious vision as our constant reference..

Daniela Maffoni, a total woman, an entrepreneur that dares to dream and actually actually takes action. A successful leader at the head of a team, made up of mostly women. A range of products especially made for the total well-being of one’s individuality.

This is yoUBe: a company of principle that is reborn every day. Beyond time and skin, towards regaining a harmonious balance in a gentle way.

My personal growth has been a journey. I have embraced some of my own distinctive characteristics such as sensitivity, determination and the ability to rely on the specific skills of others, to bring out the best version of myself as a leader, in an almost entirely man's world.

Daniela Maffoni

Our values

New Natural Nice

The winning formula of every yoUBe product lies in the energetic synergy of its components: active ingredients and activating agents are combined with innovative, naturally certified and, at the same time, pleasant manufacturing processes.

Faithfully yours

To represent inclusiveness in all its nuances is the statement of the yoUBe line, characterised by a competitive and attractive price-quality ratio. This is a value we strive to keep compromise-free by always offering our customers an excellent product, thoroughly tested by independent external bodies.


As part of its orientation towards total simplicity, yoUBe convinces, appeals and stands out. At the boundaries of a market overcrowded with references, its range is practical, clear and transparent. Nothing else is needed.

Make IT beauty-full

Beauty products, 100% made in Italy.